Edwin's Canine Academy​

   Louisville, Kentucky   


EcA's Professional trainers

​Jessica Bertram

Jessica Bertram is an apprentice animal trainer located in Louisville Kentucky. Born and raised in the country, she has always worked and bonded with animals since a young age. Her first experience was training the family cats to do tricks when she was 10 years old. Jessica is very excited and eager to embark on her own force free training experience! She looks forward to working with you.  Look for her graduating from Edwin's Canine Academy's apprenticeship program in August 2018! 

Edwin Ramirez

Edwin Ramirez is a professional animal trainer located in Louisville, Kentucky.  After accuiring a cosmetology degree and undergoing an animal grooming apprenticeship, Edwin realized his passion was not just about the exterior of dogs, but the mental process that occurred within. Edwin went on to a dog training school in Ohio where he learned traditional training methods from array of experienced trainers.  For almost two years to follow, he used these training methods but never quite felt comfortable with them, and so set off to work and study on his own terms.

Edwin founded Edwin's Canine Academy LLC in 2014 and adopted force free training methods that he continues to use and master.  The learning never stops for both humans and dogs! It is now Edwin's mission to share the knowledge of humane training methods with the world.

Edwin now specializes in canine behavior modification for unruly and hyperactive dogs and has trained over 450 dogs for private clients, businesses, and local shelter organizations. 

Edwin can help you solve complex behavioral problems, or simply teach you the basics of obedience. 

Check out our upcoming events and our blog (link above) to learn more about Edwin and the knowledge he wants to share! 

upcoming Events


February 22nd 2018:

"Beer with a Dog Trainer" 

Hosted by: Hilltop Tavern  (1800 Frankfort Ave)  @7:00PM

Join Edwin Ramirez and Kat Rooks of Kentucky Humane Society for a live presentation and Q&A!  

Lagunitas Willetized Beer will be available on tap for this event!   Click here for more info! 

November 18th and December 9th 2017-

Creating trust with dogs: Building healthy relationships.

Hosted by: Pet wants on the avenue! 1718 Frankfort avenue, Louisville Kentucky 40206.  6:00PM.  

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