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Check out the official statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on how to choose a dog trainer.  Edwin's Canine Academy is proud to meet this standard of excellence.  You can check out the official statement by clicking below! 

ECA goes beyond just dog training. We host workshops and seminars for people too!

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With 6+ years of experience, Edwin has trained 450+ dogs for private clients, businesses, and local shelters. To this day, Edwin continues to expand his knowledge in the art and science of force free animal training!  Have any questions? Send an email to DTEdwinRamirez@gmail.com  

​A good dog starts with a proactive family... 

Dog training takes time, patience, and day to day consistency. Dog's must be able to trust and communicate with the families they live with in order to make better behavioral choices.

With an in depth understanding of canine psychology, behavior management, and force free training, ECA can troubleshoot the challenges you may be experiencing and find solutions that work.

Our jobs are to train YOU to train your dog! 

We are here to help!   

ECA provides in-home behavior modification and training in the city of Louisville, Kentucky!  

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