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Our Services 

ECA serves the Louisville Metro Area! 

Behavior Evaluations 

All  training programs begin with an in-home behavior evaluation to determine how ECA can help you.   During the one to two hour eval, we take the information from your ECA ENROLLMENT form and begin building a profile on your individual situation. More importantly, we get the opportunity to know your dog and find out how to best approach teaching them! The evaluation is our time to get know one another, bring up questions and concerns, and demonstrate how our training can work for you.

On some occasions, this is all our clients need to be successful!

Afterwards, we spend time to create a personalized program for you based on the information we gathered. We then follow up with our online training resources, recommendations for tools, and help you manage challenging behaviors both in-home and in real world settings. 

All Behavior evaluations start at $75.  

Private Training programs

After a behavior evaluation is completed, we can begin our private, in-home training program. Each session lasts approximately one to one and a half hours.  We cover the essential skills you and your pup needs to reach your behavioral goals!  Our main focus is to train YOU! A follow up email is sent after every session which gives you an overview of learned skills, as well as recommendations on how to continue applying the training into your daily routine. All clients who enroll in private training programs have access to consult with us through phone calls, e-mails, or texts if you need additional help once the session is completed.  We never leave our clients hanging!

Private training begin at $65 per session. Full Training Program pricing vary on location and behavioral factors.

 Contact us for more information! 

Canine Husbandry and Handling

Many folks struggle with basic canine husbandry and routine grooming with both puppies and mature dogs.  This includes nail trims, combing/brushing of fur, teeth brushing, baths, swallowing pills, or handling of various canine body parts like ears and feet.  Because of this, we offer group courses and private training sessions specifically for working through these challenges. More importantly, our goal is to offer these services to new puppy parents to PREVENT any of these challenges from developing later in life!  Check out our Classes/events page for upcoming workshops, or fill out the ECA ENROLLMENT form to get started with private sessions!  

Group classes 

Once a minimum of three private sessions are completed, group classes are then where we go to "proof" our training! To "proof" means to apply it in real life!  Group classes can be challenging as many pups may take extra time to acclimate to new environments and be around people and dogs. This is truly where the "real" work gets done! The best part about group classes is that its a time where we can troubleshoot these challenges and find solutions that work for each client. Being in a controlled environment is key to finding a management and training plan that WORKS around distractions.

Group classes range from $10-$35 per class, and up to $75-$150 for full, multi-week courses.

Puppy Play sessions

​Socialization is the most important thing to focus on when raising a new puppy! From playing with other puppies, to exposure of new environments, people, sounds, and textures, our Puppy Socialization Club covers it all!  Our PSC meet ups happen a few times a month. Check out the Puppy Socialization club page for more information! 

Specialty Classes

ECA also offers specialty courses for many of our clients privately or in groups! We love sharing and exploring different training styles with our clients. If we can't teach it, we will bring in a trainer or recommend someone who will! 

We can cover the following:

Retrieval training

Balance and footwork

Canine Body conditioning 


and trick training! 

If you enjoy these courses, we can refer you to other trusted trainers who specialize in these services to continue.

***Edwin's Canine Academy takes pride in understanding out limitations.  If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone who will.  You can trust in us to understand what we are capable of achieving.  We do not promise our clients results we cannot achieve. We are here to help!***  

Contact us for more information about our promise to you.